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iFR Men’s Flame-Resistant Layer 1, Performance, Long Sleeve FR T-Shirt

iFR Men’s Flame-Resistant Regulator, Patent Pending Dual Purpose, Breathable Stretch Long Sleeve FR T-Shirt

We are Front Line Fabrics.

FLF manufactures carefully crafted fabrics that keep you comfortable while giving you peace of mind in FR protection.

FLF’s iFR fabrics are inherently flame resistant that have superior comfort with a soft hand. Our fabrics have long wearing durability to stand the test of time. We’ve designed our fabrics to be wrinkle resistant, have excellent color retention, and minimum shrinkage for a fabric you can rely on.

Front Line Fabrics Innovations

Front Line Fabrics is the leader of fabric innovation.

Moisture Wicking
Keeping you comfortable no matter how hard you work
Breathable Fabrics
Breathable technology in the toughest conditions
Color Retention
The color won't wash out!
Wrinkle Resistance
Say goodbye to wrinkles!

Effective Insect Protection

Permethrin treated fabrics are an extremely effective insecticide. This includes mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, flies, chiggers and many, many other pests including the small mites that cause diseases such as scabies.

Permethrin negates these pests by rendering their neurological systems inactive. Fortunately, permethrin has an extremely low absorption rate by human skin—less than 1% of permethrin applied in studies showed up in residual tissue studies. Permethrin is non-staining and has no odor. When used in clothing, permethrin effectively neutralizes pests using its neurotoxicity without harming the wearer. .