Front Line Fabrics, Inc.

was started in 2009 with the focus of our founder from one simple question. Why can’t FR fabrics have the comfort and style of everyday garments? That is exactly what we sought out to create for our customers and since have accomplished.

FLF’s fabrics are inherently flame resistant that have superior comfort with a soft hand. Our fabrics have long wearing durability to stand the test of time. We’ve designed our fabrics to be wrinkle resistant, have excellent color retention, and minimum shrinkage for a fabric you can rely on.

Innovation is key to the success of our business. Breaking the barrier in the conventional workwear fabric, the introduction of our lightweight LayerOne and Tattersall fabrics fashioned a perfect blend of style and comfort that meets the industry testing standards.  Persistently creating and innovating our fabrics, we craft yarn blends that are lightweight with breathable technology and combine moisture wicking with fast drying for added comfort.